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    Spreading The Good News (For Real.)

    Posted on Wednesday, May 31, 2017

    Our Mission Statement begins by saying, “The mission of Trinity-by-the-Cove is to spread the Good News of the Gospel...” Episcopalians are not known for our Evangelism. In fact, we dread the “e-word.” Our reticence is not unreasonable. The lesson that many of us learned as children not to discuss politics and religion has made many a meal with friends and family enjoyable, when they could have been unpleasant. Our resistance to the “e-word” is also a sign of respect for others. We..

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    How our Communion is Different

    Posted on Wednesday, May 24, 2017

    One of the outcomes of the Sixteenth Century Reformation in Europe was that Catholic Christendom was shattered into a number of Confessional Churches. Each branch of the Protestant movement came up with their own Confession of Faith. Lutherans had the Augsburg Confession. Calvinists had the Confession of the Synod of Dort. Even Catholics had the pronouncements of the Council of Trent. Each Confession was like the Platform of a political party. It stated the “party line” on every issue of dis..

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    Praying the Psalms

    Posted on Monday, May 01, 2017

    In both Jewish and Christian traditions The Psalms has been called the prayer book of the Bible. It is a collection of prayers that has been used in worship from the time of ancient Israel up to the present. Because the psalms range so widely in emotional expression, from the heights of adoration and praise to the depths of vengeful curses against the enemy, they have special relevance to our prayer life. They teach us to hide nothing from God. Rather they speak to all that is real in our live..

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