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What is the Faith-Seeking Journey?


The Faith-Seeking Journey is a one-year adult formation program, offered on Sundays and similar to Confirmation classes the Church has offered for many years. The name, “Faith-Seeking,” alludes to Jesus’ saying: “Seek ye first the kingdom of God and his righteousness.” Jesus means that faith is not a possession, but an attitude of seeking God's will as the first priority of life.


The Faith-Seeking Journey will help you discover the habits and resources that can enable you to seek God, or a deeper knowledge of Him, within the branch of the family of God known as the Episcopal Church. The resources that are introduced during The Faith-Seeking Journey are those that have been used in the Church over many centuries, such as the Bible, daily prayer, and the sacraments. The Faith-Seeking Journey holds out the promise that you can discover God’s will for you, and respond to His call to serve Him, as a lay minister of Christ, within His Church.


Stages of The Faith-Seeking Journey

The Faith-Seeking Journey progresses through four clearly marked stages. You can choose to participate in each new stage. Each stage has its own focus, and style of presentation.

Inquiry Period
The Story of the People of God

The Inquiry Period starts in September and ends four weeks before Christmas. Storytelling provides the format for each session. The focus of the Inquiry Period is on the history of the Church, as the story of the people of God.


Formation Period
The Bible and the Liturgy of the Church

The Formation Period lasts from Advent through Epiphany. During The Formation Period you will learn to reflect on each Sunday’s Scripture, as God’s Word to his people. The focus of the Formation Period is on The Liturgy of the Word, with an emphasis on the Lessons of the Eucharistic lectionary.


Enlightenment Period
Daily Prayer and Rule of Life

The Enlightenment Period takes place during the season of Lent. During The Enlightenment Period you will explore the role of prayer in the Christian life; and acquire the basic skills for a personal Rule of Life. The focus of the Enlightenment Period is on The Book of Common Prayer, with a special emphasis on The Daily Office.


Initiation Period
The Sacraments and Our Calling to Serve

The Initiation Period lasts from Easter to Pentecost. During the Initiation Period, you will explore your life in Christ, in light of the sacraments of the Church; and discern your own calling to serve God in your home, work and community life. The focus of the Initiation Period is on the sacraments and ministry.



We invite you to join us this fall as we take this faith-seeking journey together!


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