We’re glad you’ve taken the time to visit our website. It not only disseminates information to the parish membership, but more importantly provides a tool for introducing the parish to those who are interested in learning more about our parish life and ministry. 
We have intentionally sought for a number of years to shape our ministry around the following mission statement:
The mission of Trinity-by-the-Cove Episcopal Church is to spread the Good News of the Gospel and provide a loving and compassionate environment for the continuing transformation of a life in Christ Jesus.  We believe this journey is shaped by God through worship, learning, fellowship and service to others.
Whether you may be in town for a short holiday in Naples, the winter season or looking for a new church home, we look forward to welcoming you in the event that you wish to visit us. 
Do not hesitate contacting us if you have any questions:  
In Christ,
Michael Basden
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